1. "As a hairdresser my shoulder and neck pain was constantly being aggravated by holding my hair dryer when blow drying and holding my arms and elbows up while cutting and styling. At the end of the day I was in so much pain nothing would relive it, not even painkillers! I was nervous as I have never been to an Osteopath before but my practitioner was very reassuring and explained every aspect of the treatment to me so I felt in control and informed every step of the way. The treatment was painless and I saw results very quickly. I'm not suffering with Pain at work now. I really could not have continued in my profession without the treatment I received, I would recommend you to give it a go!"
    Chris Georgiou
    "I'm not suffering with pain at work now"
  2. "Being a handyman my job involves a lot of bending and lifting heavy objects. I noticed the occasional twinge during the day but thought nothing of it. One day I needed to lift something a bit too heavy but instead of ask for help I decided to lift it on my own. I felt a sharp pain in my back and down the back of my leg, immediately dropped what I was lifting and knelt down for a long time until I felt I could move. I found I could not stand straight up as my lower Back was too painful, luckily I managed to get an appointment that day and after a couple of treatments I can stand normally. I will not be lifting anything that heavy alone again!"
    Philip Chritoph
    "Lifting would send a shooting pain down my leg"
  3. "I'm a receptionist working for a busy Boutique Estate Agent in Marylebone London. Typing is a large part of my job and I spend many hours working on the laptop, even on crowded trains! I started to get pain in my right wrist and then noticed pins and needles in my fingers. My symptoms were really worrying me I didn't know what had caused them. I needed to speak to a professional and get answers so I contacted my G.P. who referred me to Goff's Oak Osteopathy. After examining me Lucy explained that my symptoms were due to inflammation of a joint in my neck pressing on a nerve. Lucy said with treatment my symptoms would get better and they did. Thank you Goff's Oak Osteopathy! "
    Lina Romeikaite
    "Typing made my wrist ache and gave me pins and needles in my fingers"
  4. Emma Nicholson
    "After having my children I suffered pain in my hip"